07/21/22 (via ig)

 Day 1 in @sequoiakingsnps. We got a late start leaving Bakersfield and arrived in the park around 1pm, about 100°F, so we decided to play in the river first. This spot in the river was near Hospital Rock, which is ironic, because right when we were about to leave and continue up the mountain, I fell on a rock and injured my elbow and y’all I would have *loved* to be in a hospital with AC and morphine. (I am okay!) @maryssor was the ultimate road trip hero and carried all three kids across the river and back to the car. I’ll post more about our other stops but first I needed to put these photos and videos here ✨ the hours we spent in this spot were sacred. Watching my precious children experience such purity and wonder filled me with gratitude and peace. It’s tough for little ones to drive such a long way, but we all did our best and were so wonderfully rewarded by the experience we had here. There was a moment when Charlie couldn’t quite find the words and said, “I’m really happy in this water Mom!!” And I said, that feeling you have right now is called JOY! And he replied, “yeah I’m just so joy!” So joy.