3:17 am, as i nurse // jan 7, 2023

 Lit by one watt 

I try to archive your profile 
And make an extra copy for safekeeping somewhere in my brain 
The middle-of-the-night you, the tiny velvet person that no one else knows but me 
A hungry little fellow
Tiny and tired
Unbelievably soft and warm against the shelf of baby weight on my abdomen 

my baby
My baby 
My Baby 

I wish I could drink you down or fold you up and keep you forever

Please Lord, let me keep an eight pound version of this little tiny person 
if I promise to bake birthday cakes and buy school shoes and practice driving
Could You let me keep this 16 day old baby 
For just a little longer?

Your tiny heaviness 
Tucked under my chin 
Stubborn burp refusing to bubble up before i lay you back down 
Oh what I would give if I could bottle this 
I’d put it in a snow globe 
And take it down from the shelf whenever I needed a sprinkle of this sparkly dark exhausting sacred season 
so warm 
And wondrous
And wiggly
And helpless 
And shiny
And tiny 
you are