10 day countdown // 12/9/22

 this morning i 
woke up different
new born

fresh off the high of last night
a rainbow of carbs over Spode and the tightest bump-side-hugs
spoiled beyond words by 12 angel sisters i don't deserve

then this morning
there was a newness
a christmas cactus blooming in the back of my mind
a yes energy,
we're-having-a-baby-energy –

after finishing the math homework and sending the people to school –

i brewed red raspberry leaf tea 
and ate three dates
while nate 
pumped up the birth ball
(on which i am bouncing as i type)
we talked about names
i ate three more dates
walked about 20 laps around the family room
re-read the paper by dr. greger on dates for shorter labor

10 days left
there's something about that visual that makes me feel
and ready
and capable
we're having a baby.
we're having a baby!

we know the name of this baby

we're manifesting a good birthday

and it won't be long now