i'm starting to think that the greeks
were onto something
that One God was just not enough
the temple was crowded

they split our Parents at Their virtuous seams
and worshipped the Characteristics 
of God the Father 
and God the Mother

of course
we know they got carried away 
they learned to forget
to obsess
to profane

but a thousand years have passed
and the pendulum has swungtoo far

forgetful obsessive profane men
in their mad rush to monotheism 
shoved Her 
into storage, under beds, into back garden sheds

and worshipped only Him 
the One they could metabolize
fight for
die for
kill for


my Creator
is not hiding under a pile of ancient conjecture
dust-covered, dismantled, dishonored
by lazy faithmakers who insisted there must be Only One

She was not smothered by negligence
drowned by ignorance
or silently vaporized by doctrine

She smiles the dawn
She breathes the tide
She paints the night
She pours the rain
She speaks the grain
She raises spring from the dead
She cradles billions of heads
in Her lap and brushes our hair because 
She is Mother 

She, a Perfect Partner, created
all of the tragic folks who tried to erase Her
defame Her
destroy Her

they are Hers
and She is there, pushing the pendulum back this way
waiting patiently 
for us to clear the cobwebs of small mindedness
and build Her a temple in our guts
one that cannot be rationalized into disappearance
explained away by unimaginative sexism
we must build in our guts a temple
that can house
Her and Him

our Creators

our Gods