the handpicked newsletter: anatomy of a flower collage // 4/14/21

i'm very jazzed about my new newsletter, Handpicked! Alex Emails is off to college and Handpicked is here to stay. the point of the makeover is to make my weekly newsletters more enjoyable, easier to read, and easier to share. while Alex Emails was great fun and i'm super proud of it, i'm looking forward to sending newsletters with a little more of myself in them instead of just a list of interesting links. (don't worry, there will still be links.) 

if you've been reading Alex Emails, handpicked probably won't feel all that different, hopefully just better. nonetheless, i must make a hullabaloo about it. have a click ↴

three things that are super consistent about me: 1. i love making photos on film and 2. i love flowers. 3. i am an incessant sharer. as a college dropout and mom of young kids, i have found myself feeling a little lost at times throughout my 20s. as i speedwalk into my 30s, i'm owning what i'm into – in this case, flowers, film, and sharing – and catapulting it out into the newslettersphere with fingers crossed that others out there will catch a bit of joy from it.

during the plague i found myself harkening back to my middle school passion of collaging. no longer am i cutting up teen vogue and seventeen magazines for the front sleeve of my binder, rather second-hand art books and design catalogs, to display nowhere. but my collaging hobby led me to this design, one of my favorite art projects to date.

*each flower in this design was shot on film by me in the last few years and tenderly cut and glued together (digitally of course).*

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