The 2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

As I've become a mother, I've extended my celebration of Mother's Day from only my own mom to the women who love me in ways that make me a better mother myself. Including but not limited to, my grandmothers, in-laws, and incredible friends from the six cities I've lived in. 

If you have a hard time with Mother's Day, I feel for you. This gift guide was built with many kinds of moms and mother-types in mind. Including you, pal. Know that I'm celebrating alongside many of you and aching alongside others. It's a great time of year to treat yourself, too, by the way :)

Helpful hint: ask your mother/ mother person WHAT SHE WANTS. If she gives you a clear answer, stop reading.

Gifts you can't buy:
  • A day at home alone to get all the random tasks done, uninterrupted
  • A letter to her describing in great detail one of your happiest/funniest memories together
  • An act of service, something she hates doing. For my mom, it would be making her "to return" pile disappear. Perhaps you could wash her windows, make her a meal plan, or organize her garage.

Service gifts:
  • Scan a batch of especially important old photos. My archivist friend Whitney recommends the Epson FastFoto FF-680W. If your mom has negatives or slides, send them to theFINDlab and they'll email you .jpgs of all of them.
  • Get her car detailed. Look for a local detail company that will come to her driveway if you want to keep it a surprise.
  • Bake something homemade from an amazing cookbook (such as Dominique Ansel's or Cook's Illustrated Best Recipes). Deliver it on a pretty serving dish, along with the book. 

Under $100 gifts:

Splurge gifts/ group gifts:
  • The only digital camera she'll ever need, the Fuji X100V (I know, I know – who am I, recommending a digital camera... but even this film snob wants one for herself)
  • A course from Jennifer Finlayson-Fife on discovering her divine feminine 
  • A birth flower necklace, to remind her of her own mother
  • The most comfortable robe in the world (get a size smaller than she normally wears)

If you want to give her flowers: 
  • Consider ordering from a local florist, but don't put this one off! Order as soon as your local florist opens Mother's Day orders. To find a local florist, start with hashtags on Instagram, such as #losangelesflorist or #utahcountyflorist. 
  • Grace Rose Farm roses are the perfect no-brainer bouquet. Pretty packaging, incredible quality. 
  • A unique take on the flowers this year: bare root roses she can enjoy year after year
  • For in person celebrating, DIY an arrangement with Trader Joe's flowers in this glass vase or a unique textured vase 

And don't forget the card!