Nov 7th and 8th: agency and Charlie

Nov 7th: On our way to get lunch at Kogi to celebrate, we saw so many people around LA, including someone in the car right next to us, expressing their joy over the election results. While I don't feel like God's hand made Biden win, I feel that His plan to give us agency shows His love for us. The right to choose is such a holy and personal and fundamental part of being a person. 

Nov 8th: Charlie's birthday. Of course His hand was visible as I looked back on the videos from his birth. I'll never forget the calm that slammed into me as I was completely losing it the night before Charlie was born. His Spirit spoke to me so clearly – "trust me." Yesterday, seeing the boy Charlie has grown into, I am reminded that His hand protects us and keeps us from harm every single day of our lives. My dream is to be here to see Charlie grow into an old man. God willing.