Make stuff you love: today, it's a collage

Here's a collage I made a couple weeks ago. I sat at a big table near a window with magazine pages spread out all around me, trimming and organizing into categories like animals, letters, etc. I flipped through a used art book and chose a Degas painting as my foundation, then covered it with bits and pieces.

I felt so creative and inspired. It was an amazing feeling.

There's a lot of cutting in collaging. The more precision and care you use, the better your collage looks. I'm naturally untidy. I rush. I eyeball things. Collaging requires me to take deep breaths and slow my pace down from 60 mph to about 5.

Here are a couple collages I made: my first one this year and one I never glued down.

Some collage makers I love are Austin Kleon and Bri Gawkoski. 

I'd like to be better at collaging (and so many other things). I'm going to keep practicing.