The chocolate chip cookies. // feb 2020

I've been crowing about my chocolate chip cookies for weeks in my newsletter. 

I went to the UPS store and scanned my very butter-splattered recipe. I also took a few photos of it. This recipe is not **mine** per se, this is just my copy of it. Some guy at Cook's Illustrated named Charles came up with it. I may or may not have named my son after him. It's fine.

They explain how and why these cookies come out so great! 

My notes:
*Don't overdo it when browning the butter. I've made this recipe maybe about forty times, and whenever I get overzealous on the darkness of the butter, the dough turns out sticky and the cookies are flat and chewy. My best ones are always when I pull the butter off the heat a moment after the white foam shows up on the top of the pan. Right when it starts to smell good.
* A heaping cup of chocolate chips is plenty for a single batch.
*Vanilla bean paste may be used, but doesn't make any enormous improvement.

(The images are clickable if you'd like to enlarge them.)