Thank you, Roundtable attendees!

This post first appeared as an email to the Alt Summit 2024 attendees who came to my roundtable talk on Demystifying Newsletters. 

March 21, 2024

Hi Alt Summit ladies,

Thank you so much for coming to my Roundtable talk on newsletters! I LOVED chatting with you! Admittedly I'm kind of shocked and amazed that anyone wrote down their email address at all, so my heartfelt thanks to all 39 of you.

Here's what you'll find in this email:
1. Resource Sheet
2. How to work with me
3. Final thoughts

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A Handpicked Resource Sheet:
The resources I swear by when it comes to newsletter education.

1. Austin Kleon's books. Show Your Work is the book I showed some of you, it is a must-read for all creative people. Steal Like an Artist is another must; the title alone is the thing that inspired me to start my newsletter. Here's his newsletter, which is a great example of a "10 things" list you could start if you're not quite sure how to use your newsletter to support your business at first; he naturally works his products in, but his newsletter is primarily free creative inspiration. 
*If you already own these books, read them again with an eye for newsletter tips.

2. Two emails to send when you start from scratch — A handy template for those of you (especially influencers/ content creators/ artists) who want to use your newsletter to bless people, adjacent to your business, or who don't have a super huge following and are starting from scratch. (I'm thinking of you, Barbara and Donna.)

3. This taps into the stuff we talked about on self-defining, the inner work you do in your PJs.

4. 10 ways to recycle content. You guys know I looove this idea for all of you who have put a ton of heart and soul into your Instagram posts over the years. Bring them back to life! (Tara, you! Jen V, you too! Really all of you, let's be honest.)

5. The newsletter era. If you're a professional writer, or love writing in general, this writer wants you to get on Substack (so do I!).

6. The I Want to Know Podcast. It can get a little bro-y at times, but here's an episode I recommend:

7. My all-time favorite piece of creator wisdom: The Gap by Ira Glass. I listen to this at least once a year (since college!).

8. The "Cold Email" Template
Copy and paste this and reach out to a creator you'd like to work with. "1. I'm a big fan of your work, especially _____. 2. Can I ask you about _____? I'd love to ______ and you seem so great at it. Thanks!"
This will get a conversation started. From there, you can offer to create something of value to them or their audience, and then you can invite them to do a "takeover" in your newsletter. Cross pollination!

9. Remember: know your why. Write it on paper. What is motivating you to send a newsletter? Are you "sharey" and love link lists like me? Do you want to bless your reader with your niche knowledge/ gift? (That would be you, Della and Winston!) Are you wanting to integrate storytelling into your marketing email? Thinking of you here, Tricia. Each of you had great energy. I'm certain you can identify your purpose, and if you need a bit of help, I'm here for ya!

Bonus item: The Four Tendencies: book // free quiz — this isn't a newsletter-specific resource, but I've found it incredibly useful for getting to know myself and putting myself into my readers' shoes.

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Here's how to work with me. 

- $50. Schedule a 30-minute phone call here. I will answer any and all questions I can in that time. If you don't see a time that works for you, email me.
*If you decide to do further newsletter conversations with me, your initial $50 will go toward the additional services :-) 

- $200. A one-hour meeting to walk you through your newsletter concept, including choosing an email service provider (ie, Substack, Flodesk, MailChimp, etc), and creating the "skeleton newsletter" you'll use every week. 

- $500. I'll set up your entire newsletter account for you and stay in touch with you via text for the first 6 issues.

- Free: send me an email. I'll answer your question as thoroughly as I can in five minutes or less. 

All of this can be customized.

Do you have a different question? I would love to help.

 Last thing:

- Here's my newsletter, Handpicked. It goes out every Wednesday morning while my baby naps :-)

- If you've posted about Alt Summit on IG, pleeease send me a screenshot since I'm not on there! I'd love to see! (PS here's my IG quitting story.)

- Send me the link to your newsletter so I can subscribe!

Thank you so much!