follow your curve

 i remember taking lucy to the pediatrician when she was a baby. she was sort of small for her age, but her doctor assured me that as long as Lu was following her own curve, she was fine. if she had started in the 60th percentile, she didn't need to be catching up to the 90th in order to stay healthy. staying in the 60's was right for Lucy.

I imagine that when I meet my Makers, They're going to ask me what I did with the tools I was given. Did i follow my own curve? I can't imagine my Heavenly Father and Mother being disappointed in me for being 100% unathletic or for winning zero Nobel Prizes or not having twelve children. That’s not the curve I’m meant to follow.

Though I can't remember it, something in my gut tells me that They handed me a few talents, said, "Be good. Be kind. Find us. Use these." and sent me to live on this planet.

Sometimes it's hard to talk about our talents without feeling rude or ridiculous, but I'll try. Here are some of the tools I brought with me from Heaven.

I listen.
I am a sharer.
I am okay with being wrong.
I'm gorgeous. (Just kidding, wanted to see if anyone was paying attention)
I feel what others feel.
I am a knowledge collector (not to be mistaken for great student).
I am an includer.
I make pretty good food.
I am really good at doing funny voices when I read books to my kids.
I capture moments to help others relive important memories.

K your turn. What’s your talent? Don’t be shy.

originally shared on instagram July 5, 2021