the rise and fall of a sand dollar

Eleanor found a sand dollar at the beach. This has never happened. She was beside herself with excitement.

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About twenty minutes later, tragedy struck. It's not entirely clear how it happened, though Charlie was likely involved. 

Utterly heartbroken. The sun had set moments before, but thankfully there was enough light to capture a few photos of this monumental mishap, a harrowing moment in her young life. 

Poor girl. Her feelings are so big. 

It's a sacred calling, witnessing. Raising. Guiding. Mothering. I'm not sharing these to make fun of her or overdo the importance of a sand dollar – it's about getting to be the one who was there for it. For the serendipity of having the camera with us for not only the highest high but also the lowest low. For the privilege of drying thousands of other tears that don't make it onto a roll of film.