The Gift Guide for the Person Who Has Everything // November 2021

We all have that one person who is impossible to shop for, right? They don't need or want anything, we've already gotten them a super clever/ heartfelt/ fancy gift in previous years, and we're stuck. 

Not this year!

I've narrowed it down to three categories, practical gifts, random beautiful objects, and food gifts, to wow that very specific someone. Betcha a pint of ice cream there's something here for your "I don't need anything this year!" person. 

* = I have this! I love it!

Part 1: Practical Gifts

For your mom, who loves to travel: a Clear membership* ($179/year) + TSA pre check ($100/5 years), to help her get through airport security in a fraction of the time

For your sister-in-law, who loves gadgets but is on the $50-or-less in-law gift loop: a Swiss Army card ($32) to keep in her glove box

For your dad, who remembers your kids' birthdays, but sometimes misplaces his keys... or phone... or wallet: a set of AirTags ($100)

For your father-in-law: a really fantastic chef's knife* ($75) or paring knife* ($85), because a knife is one of those tools that really does change your life

For your newlywed brother: a year of Amazon Prime ($119)

Part 2: Random Beautiful Objects

Here's where we splurge a little. Sometimes a gift doesn't have to be floor seats to Kelly Clarkson, it can just be a delightful little thing. Only rule is: no clutter. Oh, and not every splurge is expensive!

For your beloved environmentalist: a very sturdy, very calico reusable bag.* ($12)

For your artsy teenage brother: a chameleon tape measure! ($79) 

For your elementary school music maker: a real harmonica. ($13)

For your cousin in college, because even party people don't like water stains: disco coasters. ($12)

For your not like a regular mom, your cool mom: a straw that spells her name ($10)

For your best friend who lives too far away: vintage postage stamps* ($2-25)

For your grandma, who truly means it when she says she just wants a card: a custom crossword puzzle (free)

For your cool sister who lives in New York: pink Murano glasses ($118)

For your ride or die, who has given you more than her fair share of good luck: a real four leaf clover ($65)

For your neighbor, who is officially ready to get out of lockdown mode: a curated box of party supplies* ($12 and up)

Part 3: Food Gifts

I absolutely love giving food as a gift. It can be really personal and it's great for making memories. For people who have everything, well, they still get hungry, and all of these food items are excellent quality, sure to be consumed before the wrapping paper makes it to the recycle bin. 

McConnell's, Jeni's, or Salt & Straw ice cream* (4 pints for $58+). I couldn't narrow it down – McConnell's makes my favorite ice cream of all time (eureka lemon marionberry); Jeni's is truly gourmet, start to finish; and Salt & Straw has the best custom ordering and some dynamite flavors. You simply cannot go wrong!

Ladurée macarons* ($45 and up). The most beautiful, fragrant cookie in the world. C’est très charmant!
pairs well with: a trip to France

J Dawgs Polish Kit($79) If you're shopping for someone who's lived in Provo, UT in the last ten+ years, this gift is a grand slam. Just ask Nate! 

Harry & David's picnic box. ($75) Cheese, pears, artichoke dip, seed crackers... this sucker will make those Bachelor picnics look like amatuer hour. 
pairs well with: wild flower throw blanket*

Moon Flowers saffron threads.
 ($40) Premium saffron grown on family farms in Afghanistan. A woman-owned business! 

Lady + Larder citrus crate. ($175) Twelve pounds of California citrus, perfect for snacking on between Christmas and New Years.

Fat Gold olive oil* ($30/tin, $179/year) The most delicious California olive oil I've ever tasted. Made in small batches in the Bay Area. 

Crio Bru* ($34) Perfect for the adventurous foodie looking for a new AM ritual: roasted and ground cacao beans. Crio is brewed exactly like coffee. It's the perfect chocolatey alternative for the caffeine averse! 
pairs well with: Cuisinart coffee maker*

Dick Taylor chocolate covered almonds. ($15) Personally recommended by my mother, the chocolate queen. I've never had a better chocolate covered nut, ever. 

Ballerina Farm subscription($99/box or $199/box)  Mountain raised meat from the cutest freaking family on all of Instagram. Hannah and Daniel run a small family ranch in Kamas, UT where they raise and harvest all of their own beef and pork. Just about as farm-to-table as you can get! 
pairs well with: Lodge cast iron skillet

La Cocina Gift Boxes. ($35-$150) Handmade in small batches by low income food entrepreneurs in San Francisco. The boxes are wildly popular and highly acclaimed, featuring locally made global snacks.