Kauai // June 2021

We spent a week on the south shore of Kauai in June. I snorkeled in the mornings and ate about a pound of shave ice and shot six rolls of Kodak color films. 

At the end of the day I texted myself a little summary so I wouldn't forget all the things we did. All of that is around the corner >>

Day 1: Saturday

Long rental car line, played light green light w kids while we waited (about an hour...)

Rented a white pickup truck! 

Eleanor snapped – cried and cried for water bottle, so quick detour to Walmart, yogurts for dinner. “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to water bottle city!” That one had the kids laughing. 

Picked up Mom and Dad's thank-you leis + Eleanor's birthday lei from @milianani_kauai – must make this a tradition each time we visit!

Nate had Jack in the box for dinner on the way to the hotel — Lu fell asleep en route

Parents loved the leis! 

Chris and Dan helped bring up all our stuff, Mom stayed and helped get everything settled in

Super late bedtime — Charlie still woke up at 3:30am for 2+ hours, in our bed/ out of bed. ugh

Day 2: Sunday 

Attended church at the Lihue Ward, they passed out yarn leis to visitors!

Charlie played in rainy mist during church

Walmart for the week's groceries

Drove to Hanalei Bay bc highway will be closed due to mudslide

Wishing Well Shave Ice – OMG. AMAZING. Need to look up the movie about the owners

Nate got donuts (taro?) from food trucks – could have spent all day here!

Eleanor and Charlie napped on the drive back to Waiohai (Lu stayed awake! thumbs up picture on phone)

Pool with kids in the afternoon – read John 10 - 11

Sunday dinner with Mom, Dad, boys

Sat out on Mom and Dad's deck and enjoyed the sunset

Girls read The Friend with Mom, Charlie watched Dad's iPhone videos (Dad thought it was super cute)

Put kids to bed around 8/8:30

Bed at 9:45

Day 3: Monday 

Family pool time

Becks arrived!

Nate surfed in afternoon – rented two boards in Kukui'ula

Met the babysitters, Maya and Clara

Nice chat on beach with Dan about the meanings of modesty

Snorkeled with Mom and Dad! Saw a turtle as soon as we got in! Picked up lots of trash

Can’t remember everything – went to the Grand Hyatt for dinner (stunning hotel!!!!)

Day 4: Tuesday 

Thought I might be pregnant but got my period 💔Took Charlie on a walk around 5:30 am, sat on west chairs and cried and prayed 

Watched sunrise yoga class at Koa Kea w Charlie (he found large snail and lizard)

Saw a rainbow!!

Peanut butter smoothie for breakfast – new travel go-to!

Sat in Mom and Dad's suite for a while until Charlie asked for a nap(!)

Worked on newsletter while Nate took girls to beach

Swam as a family til lunch 

Kukui'ula Market with Em, Nathan, and Charlie while girls were with babysitters

Amazing açaí bowl from the smoothie shop in the back of the store, I got the “Hulk”

Went to SoHa Living, I want to make a little shell mirror!

Back to Waiohai and took Charlie to beach while Nate napped

Dan took Charlie in the water, he hated it, but then sat with grandparents on parachute blanket while...

I swam in ocean!

Nate went surfing, Charlie was sad

Girls flew kite with the babysitters in Poipu Beach Park 

Walked all the way to park w Mom and Charlie 

Back to the beach to pack up, got everyone ready for bed (early bed for Charlie)

Clara babysat while adults went to La Spezia for dinner — AMAZING bread, pasta and desserts

Stopped by Mom and Dad's suite to get Lucy's snuggle

Charlie up at 1:15am, went back to bed after Nate went in

Day 5: Wednesday 

Snorkeled with Em and Dad first thing in the morning

Nate took kids to pool while I hung out/ read in the room

Took kids to shave ice/ Lapperts in Kukui'ula, bought some Havaianas for Eleanor, a fish diagram for Lucy, tie dye t-shirt for me, shorts for Nate at Poipu Surf

Charlie down for nap around 1:30 and girls went to babysitter in Em’s room

Hiked down to secret beach by Allerton Plantation, body surfing (too many shark jokes) – came home and girls had made leis for Nate!

Kukui’ula farmers market (passionfruit croissants, a fresh coconut for Eleanor, herbs)

Family photo at 6:30, beach was beautiful !

Herb salad for dinner, Nate took Charlie to Puka Dogs

Early bed for me

Day 6: Thursday

Nate surfed in the AM

Aloha Market in the National Tropical Botanical Gardens – Hula performance!

Lotus photos and light leak trick..!

Rip Tides Shave Ice on Lawai Rd.

Glass Sand Beach and Chinese cemetery 

Stopped at Aloha Xchng and got tees for everyone

Picked up hula pie from Keoki's and Thai food 

Played on beach as a family

Nate took kids to pool while I had alone time 

Hula pie with everyone in the room

Started watching In the Heights

Day 7: Friday 

Breakfast buffet at the Grand Hyatt – saw parrots in the lobby!

Lydgate Farms with Mom and the girls, on the way we stopped at a mangrove river fishing pond

Bought chocolate, tasted raw cacao fruit, sampled different chocolates (one tasted like banana to me – i was right!), bought the girls cacao fruit popsicles and they pushed each other on the swing in the parking lot. One of the happiest moments of my life

Stopped at a bamboo store in Kapaa 

Picked up babysitters from their grandparents'

Got to read out on a lounge chair, finished GWNJ's book!

Everyone was sad the trip was ending (especially Eleanor)

Told all the kids the story of how I got sprayed in my chair while I was reading – they loved it

Finished In the Heights

Day 8: Saturday

Packed everything while the kids had one last swim

Everyone was sad to leave – girls asked if we could move to Hawaii :)