eleanor is seven /// 06/03/2021

Eleanor is a 
lightning bolt 
a sunflower 
a pearl
a honeybee

my personal trainer
who makes me
so strong 
i could lift a car off of her
sometimes i don't want a work out and i hate it
but i'm always thankful i did

my tiny adult
a feminist, an advocate
so responsible that she
doesn't need a reminder
to grab her dance bag before we leave
but so full of feelings
that sometimes she just has to scream
and i get it
where can a girl put all that ambition?
eleanor's imagination is galactic
she's a technicolor believer with
faith greater than the seven seas 
she is my dream job and
my toughest boss
my best teacher
and hardest class

i pray i'll never forget 
her beauty
her tiny intensity
like a blade of grass carved from stone
though i know i'll always remember that
an Eleanor never forgets