Nov 4th: Hard to find

Today kind of sucked. The election is like a wounded animal that just won't die. I didn't get to eat lunch until 3:00. Lucy cried all day, Charlie screamed all day. I accidentally paid the wrong meter when we went to watch the sunset so instead of costing $1.25 it cost $53. It was just a really long day and it was hard to find God's hand even when I went looking for it at the pier. This day is one of the lowest lows of this year. I hate this whole thing and I just want it to be over. Where are you, Lord? Where can I find Your hand?

The three seconds I got to look at the perfect sky before the sun disappeared. Charlie's warm head on my shoulder on the pier. Watching a pelican dive for a fish. My strong girls growing so big they prefer not to ride in the stroller. I guess it's there. It's tempting to feel like those don't count as seeing His hand. But then again, maybe they should count more than anything else.