Nov 2nd: through Eleanor

 Today I saw the hand of God through my oldest girl. 

Recently I ordered a button maker for a project I'm working on. Today I sat down with the kids to open it up and learn how to use it. From the second I revealed what it was, the air was just buzzing with Eleanor's ideas and excitement to create one million things with this exciting new tool. She and Lucy patiently waited while I troubleshot and eventually got things running smoothly. For the rest of the afternoon, Eleanor learned how to make the buttons herself and developed a plan for a new club, where members can earn badges, illustrating each of the badges (including a "take-away badge" in case of a misdeed) and writing a list of friends she'll be recruiting. 

It was such a small thing, this little button maker, but seeing my child come alive with that almost-electric creative energy just felt like I was seeing her as God intended her to be. Bursting with His likeness, the creative spirit with which I believe He built the world and our souls.