Alex's not-exactly-a gift guide

I never get much use out of gift guides myself, but that has never stopped me from overdoing it on holidays. I'm a know-it-all with strong opinions, which naturally qualifies me to write this list. Cheers.

(real live small businesses indicated with a ** )

Things I own, love, and gift often:

• PTR rose stem cell mask for everyday use, and Soon sheet mask** for a special occasions 
• the perfect camera strap**
• a house portrait** from Celeste Clark
What Kind of Woman** and/ or The Sun and Her Flowers**
• Penzey's Vietnamese cinnamon**
• My favorite of all my kids' baby blankets
• The perfect accessory: a color wheel pendant**

A few things on my wishlist:

The Greenish Home guide**
• A bread box that would look pretty on the counter
• White-on-white Chuck Taylor All Stars
• A custom embroidery** of a meaningful stretch of road 
Daisy sweater

A few things I'm buying for loved ones:

The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook**
• Anything at all from Marine Layer
• White linen dresses** for my little women (via Courtney)
• an Instax mini  + film

And a few razzle-dazzles just for good measure:

• gorgeous California olive oil**
a quilt coat** omg. I'd wear the heck out of this
• fancy plant lady

And you know, a portrait session makes a great gift – send me an email to gift one!


Lucy, Christmas 2016. Fairway, Kansas. Hasselblad 501c, Portra 400 film.