There's always been something cheesy to me about the word "inspiration." Like, what ~inspires~ you? What? I don't even know what that means. Or rather, I didn't know. But now I kind of think I do.

I think I know because for a while I didn't feel inspired by much of anything. Last spring I decided to assign myself a 100-day project to try to drum up some inspiration. It kind of worked! The inspiring part of it was the promise, the commitment. (I am also deeply committed to my weekly newsletter and I LOVE that. More on that later. Also, subscribe.)

Since moving to Manhattan Beach, a small seaside community in Los Angeles' South Bay neighborhood that feels nothing like "LA," in the best possible way, inspiration is slapping me in the face. Makes sense. Honestly, I feel completely at home for the first time since leaving Provo eight years ago. Seems like there must be a connection between feeling at home and feeling inspired to make something.

When I go out on the MB pier with my kids I simply can't help myself, I love it so completely. The smell and the breeze and the ritual of traveling to the end and back, but mainly the colors and the repetition of the tide. Oh my goshh it just fills me to capacity. I love it. I am inspired by it. So there you go.

Shot on Canon EOS 3, 50mm 1.2, Portra 400. Manhattan Beach, CA. February 2020.