about this blog

This blog is an old idea reimagined by Alex Steele: mother, maker, photo taker.

I like having a place to write things and share photographs. Here you'll find posts featuring photos of weddings, families, and workshops. Sometimes sharing my strong opinions and personal photos, too.

Over the last ten years I've started and stopped other blogs for various reasons, but this one is here to stay. Welcome. I hope you'll visit often :)

If you're interested in hiring me to photograph something, please get in touch; email me at alex@alexsteele.co

Also, I write a weekly newsletter called Handpicked that goes out every Wednesday morning. It's a collection of noteworthy ideas and creative work from makers and artists of all genres. It's my antidote to doomscrolling; I believe thoughtful consumption, starting in our inboxes, sets us up for a more fulfilled life. Subscribe to my newsletter, Handpicked, right here.